The information system for more transparency

Biogas plants have no difficulties regarding sales.

Based on the Renewable Energy Law, the feed-in tariff and with it the essential sales revenues for biogas plants remain constant for 20 years, as long as the plants feed the produced electricity according to the Renewable Energy Law into the grid.

A reason to lean back after getting to the full load?

Certainly not, because during that 20-year period costs will rise despite the decreasing interest expense. So ask yourself: Is your biogas plant really working as efficient as it could?

Biogas Controlling by the use of Mammut Plant Report highlights each and every of the essential and significant parameters for a biogas plant: operating figures, in- and output, technological figures, business assessment and financial data like e.g. capital structure or cash-flow.

Reporting on a regular basis that compares the targeted with the actual performance and analyses deviations creates transparency.

Permanent optimal operating profits can only be achieved by a continuous increase of operational efficiency.

Especially if the biogas plant doesn’t achieve the expected performance, a plant controlling which is not standard but aligned to your specific bioenergy plant is an indispensable support tool for a successful search for the cause of the lack of performance.

In contrast to other reports, Mammut Biogas Controlling considers more than just the data of the operations diary and the system control. As mentioned above, it also considers the data of  financial accounting as well as all other relevant financial data and delimits them on an accrual basis.

The results are presented in a clearly arranged graphical overview, to make sure that plant management, shareholder, partner and banks get significant information at first glance.

In case your plans are to take part in the balancing energy market, the analysis and evaluations of the Mammut Plant Report support you with exactly that kind of solid data that you need to document your performance, productivity and reliability towards your pantograph.