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Mammut Consulting: We solve the tough company tasks 

Mammut Consulting is specialized on finding answers to difficult questions of the corporate management and on the operational implementation of the solutions. Thereby we concentrate on the follow key aspects:

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Why is a classical consultancy getting involved in the field of biogas?

Matthias Baecker, managing partner of Mammut Consulting Ltd., graduated in business administration and is, due to many years of experience in this field, an expert in a wide variety of commercial tasks. Besides that, Matthias Baecker has a lot of technical expertise and experience in this field. The combination of these skills led Matthias Baecker to biogas plants, where a real understanding of commercial, technological and biological processes is the basis for sustainable and successful consulting. For more than seven years now, Matthias Baecker and his team find quick and workable solutions for plant operators, constructors, banks, and responsible departments.

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