Setting goals – and achieving them

Things are going well for you. You don’t have any worries or concerns. That’s really great. But imagine: What, if even this status could still be enhanced? What if this wasn’t the limit? Experience has taught us, that even great performances of biogas plants can be improved. And we know how.

For example:

You are planning on obtaining the formaldehyde bonus. Therefore you invest in the reduction of the formaldehyde-emission. But which effect will this have on the efficiency? Will the lower output be monetarily balanced out by the formaldehyde bonus? Will other positive effects occur? Or is the investment not worthwhile in the end?

Many questions can only be answered properly by taking a close look on all influencing factors. Every biogas plant is unique – and there simply are no standard solutions when striving for the real optimum.

Challenge us with your demands, requirements and wishes – and get ready to be surprised by what’s possible.