Consulting Services on the Subject “Biogas”

Biogas plants pose particular challenges to all parties concerned. Not only the technical operation, but also the complex financial requirements place high demands on the operators and banks. The Mammut experts gained experience in various situations, whereby they can benefit from a comprehensive stock of knowledge.

Your biogas plant operates well, though it might always operate a bit better?

The Mammut biogas controlling illustrates your biogas plant in concrete numbers to you. These are prepared for you in an intelligible and informative way, so that you can recognise the most important key data at a first glance. Read more about this here.

Managing biogas plants successfully

The technically highly sophisticated operation of a biogas plant is very often underestimated. The plant operation involves its very own difficulties, as it includes complex biological and technical, plant-related challenges. Professional expertise in biogas and general plant construction and engineering are indispensible. If the plant operator reaches his/her limits — or just needs a non-involved, external view — the experts from Mammut Consulting come into play.

During a crisis, professionals are in demand

Biogas plants get into economic difficulties due to various reasons. During a crisis, when the bank applies pressure, experience in restructuring, professional expertise in biogas and general plant construction as well as structured and vigorous action are indispensible. Mammut Consulting’s specific expertise in crisis management and the restructuring of biogas plants rests on exactly those competencies.

The successful management of biogas plants has become increasingly difficult. Changes in compensation, increasing raw material prices, high wear costs, technical and biological problems, trouble with executing companies, but also management failure, are just some of the typical, often occurring causes for biogas plants getting into economic difficulties.

If a plant is already in dire economic straits, technical know-how and biological expertise are not sufficient for finding a way out of the situation. In order to successfully restructure a biogas plant, specific expert knowledge and experience in restructuring are required, which go beyond the technical and biological expertise.

Mammut Consulting has many years of experience in restructuring companies, particularly in the fields of biogas plants and general plant construction.

We cover all required fields of competence and stand by your side with our entire strength, even during crisis: