Undistorted figures – clear statements

Unfortunately, the figures provided by business assessments on a monthly or quarterly basis or the common and popular branch of industry assessments are in most cases of little informative value, as they usually don’t take e.g. accrual accounting of substrates, business tax or interests etc. into account.

As a result, these kind of assessments show e.g. for months in which substrates are purchased poor results which make these months appear much worse than they actually are and the corresponding figures of the remaining months of that fiscal year in which no substrates are purchased appear better than they really are.

It’s the same with taxes. Fiscal arrangements are useful – no doubt. But without being taken into account distort the business assessment. For example: Process key figures, consumption and production data are quite often not being taken into account at all – with the consequence that the real economic success of the biogas plant remains hidden.

Mammut Biogas Controlling is an quick and easy solution to this. It considers all of these factors and thereby provides clarity for plant operators, shareholder, partner and banks. The real performance of the biogas plant is presented in a clearly arranged and comparative way.

Mammut Biogas Controlling creates transparency and confidence – promptly by independent experts.