Complying with the duty to supply information

Increasing investment costs are usually accompanied by an expanding group of people and institutions asking for valid information of all kind. Management, partner, shareholder and especially banks and investors want to be informed regularly about the business and production development of the biogas plant.

The Mammut Plant Report complies with these requirements on only a few pages. Being adapted to the individual needs of each customer, the plant report presents the desired information in a significant and comparative overview. If required, the spreadsheets (in which figures are supplemented by comparative graphs) are supplemented by a detailed annotation of actual and important developments.

Each biogas plant report gets evaluated and supplemented with tips for optimization and improvement by one of Mammuts’ biogas experts. And to reach an ever higher convenience for the customer, Mammut can also distribute the report among the group of it’s recipients directly.

Confidence by transparency

You could win friends or neighbours for your project?

That’s great. There is no more fun in doing business then doing it with people you know and like. But please keep in mind: business with friends usually stays fun as long as everything is going fine. In order not to let envy or distrust get between you and your partner, it definitely helps to have an independent external reporting from a neutral third party. As a matter of course most businessmen want such a kind of reporting for doing business with strangers – but as experienced consultants, we recommend strongly to use that chance especially when doing business with friends.