Overview at a glance

Merging and combining data of different “worlds“

A lot of know-how in very different fields of competence is demanded from the plant manager. To make his life easier, we created an information system, that summarizes and compares the operating key figures of all fields and sources (e.g. operations diary, financial accounting, system control) in a compact way and graphically supported. This presentation allows him to maintain a clear view of everything and to recognize even gradual changes and creeping trends. Furthermore, Mammut Plant Controlling fulfills the complete information obligations towards banks, shareholder and partner – a great relief in day-to-day business.

The configuration of Mammut Controlling for biogas plants



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Graphics, which are aligned to the specific requirements of each individual customer, give a quick and clear idea of important actual developments.

Know-how of other projects

Based on the experience gained in other projects of different kind, sizes and levels of difficulty, we are able to find for example the cause of insufficient output quickly and target-oriented and then guide the biogas plant to the desired power range. If required, specialists of other fields (technology, biology) can be called in at any time and support the team.