Simple processing

At first, the plant management and the consultants clarify the needs and the objective targets in an extensive preliminary talk via telephone or on-site.

After that, technical, operational and economical setpoint values of the plant are mutually determined and agreed upon as planning criteria. Therefore it’s also necessary to find out about values that can already be measured and the ones that can not, so that a possible need for amendment can be identified.

In the next step, different components of the Mammut Plant Report and key figures of particular importance to you or to your interest group (e.g. banks, investors, shareholder…) will be selected, as well as several components of other Biogas Controlling services.

Based on these information and on fiscal figures delivered by your tax advisor or your accounting, Mammut Consulting prepares the planning figures for the biogas plant as well as the monthly or quarterly Mammut Plant Report. The plant report can be delivered to you or directly to your addressees. It can be delivered in a paper-based or digital way.


Transparency doesn’t have to be expensive

The unique thing about the Mammut Plant Report is, that it offers a kind of biogas controlling and reporting, that is tailored exactly to your individual needs and wishes.

Sounds expensive. In fact, it isn’t.

Our services can meanwhile be offered by specialized and well experienced Mammut experts, whose work is supported and eased by several softwaretools that were developed and perfected by Mammut itself.

The costs are graduated according to the size of the biogas plant (electrical power in kw). The following prices apply for one fermentation line at a a time. Special prices apply for biogas plants with more then one fermentation line and for special plant constellations. In this case, please contact us for further information or for an individual offer.

Monthly costs for Mammut Biogas Controlling

Quarterly fee for Mammut Plant Report, incl. annotation:

The ongoing servicing includes the recurrent preparation of the annual planning in an unchanged framework (without any essential changes in the set up of the biogas plant or the operating conditions).

Non-recurring costs of Mammut Biogas Controlling

Before the recurrend reporting can start, several arrangements have to take place: the initial interview, the assessment and determination of all relevant facts and figures, the determination of the required and possible key figures, setpoint values, spefic energy content, possibly on-site visit, the set up, configuration and basic parameterization of the reporting software for the individual biogas plant, data analysis, clarification of data quality as well as of the process and procedure of our supply with data, according coordination with tax advisor/accounting, complete preparation of the first annual planning exclusive liquidity planning. For all these arrangements we have to charge a single payment which is also dependent on the size of the biogas plant:

The single payment is payable as follows: 50% when placing the order, 50% upon delivery of the first report.

Additional consulting services (e.g. financing concept, calculation of profitabilty, comparison of concepts, simulations, support of bank/department talks or meetings, advisory services with regard to investment planning…) can be commissioned separately as follows:

Depending on working time and effort:

All prices (except the additional consulting services) are quoted for a contractual term of at least 36 months.

Prices are effective from Sept 1st 2011